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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mud Puddles

We are very thankful for all of the rain, but it has meant lots of extra laundry and more time inside when the weather has been both cold and rainy. Rhianwen and mommy went shopping for a rainy day activity and came back with water colors. We thought about finger paints, but since they were all made in China and no doubt would get eaten, mommy couldn't buy them. Hopefully, we'll be able to find some that are made somewhere else. Rhianwen had a great time with the water colors and painted 2 pictures. She mixed colors, so the pictures turned out much more colorful than what I used to do when I was little. She ended up with neon greens, turquoises, violets, pinks. Really, I think her favorite part was dipping the paintbrush in the cup of water...I'm not sure why!

The artist at work.

Although our backyard is a swamp, I got brave (or desperate...what's the difference?) enough to get Rhianwen out there! I figured I'd try the rain boots and rain coat to see if perhaps we could make it without getting too wet and muddy.

We got off to a good start on the deck. Here she is carrying the compost bucket.

Splashing in our koi pond. (Ha.)

Um, that would be a definite no on the not getting too wet or muddy. We did not stay dry or clean! We felt it was necessary to explore the canal that daddy had made to drain the water off of the back field. Notice how effective a dam Rhianwen is in this picture. Lots of water behind her and none in front. She loved to stand up and watch it all rush past her feet.

We also tried the Barnes N Noble storytime. She was one of the youngest there, but did a great job. And boy what a production! First we sang a song, then they read some poems by Shel Silverstein, then we did the craft below (Rhianwen did this all by herself other than the placement of the eye), and lastly goldfish crackers were served. All for FREE!

We've moved the crib into Alden's room (see our post below on name choosing. I don't know why that post got added to the previous one instead of being separate...), so I moved Rhianwen's bookcase to the wall where the crib had been to be closer to the rocking chair and painting in the corner. Then I moved her play-crib to where her bookcase had been which made the crib way more accessible. She's really enjoyed putting all her animals "night-night" and covering them with blankets.

Daddy pulled out his guitar the other night and brought it into the family room to play, but Rhianwen insisted that she needed to accompany him on the real piano, so the jam session got moved to the living room.

It was great to be back home for church on Sunday. Sunday afternoons Rhianwen loves to try on mommy's and daddy's church shoes. She's better at walking in daddy's though.

She also got to talk to Grandma Nanny Kim and Grandpa on the webcam, something she loves to do! When she couldn't see Grandpa, she would say "Pa! Pa! Pa!" until Grandma switched to him. It was so cute. She also got to show them her new Winnie the Pooh ball, tell them about church, and show them her new purple crayons (we found some in a box last night but they were all purple!).

It's been a very happy week for Rhianwen, something I am always grateful for!


  1. She is so cute. She is so happy because she had such a wonderful vacation at our house (ha). She loves the painting because YOU GOT TO KNOW THIS--she has always loved anything to do with water!! GIVE her water with anything and she will have a blast! That is also why she loved the wet muddy outdoors. So REMEMBER--when she is bored LET HER HAVE WATER (instead of the expression Let them eat cake). Hmmm, you should create a special motto just for RHI. Hey, you should have named her something that meant Water Lover, Watery Queen or something Water Fairy. That was wonderful about the Barnes and Nobles thing--do they do that everyweek? Also Libraries often do stuff like that. Glad she enjoyed it. She looks so cute in that adorable rain coat!! She will be the next Audrey Hepburn...well, actually she is built more like Grace Kelly at this age ;-)

  2. Oh, my goodness! What an absolutely adorable picture of Rhianwen in the muddy water. I love it!

  3. Yeah. That picture was great. I love her wearing Wally's shoe, too. It has roughly the same proportion as me and my shoes.

  4. I'm so impressed with her artwork. And I'm with everybody - Rhi in the drain is fabulous. You've got me wanting to look into our library/Barnes and Noble to see if they have fun story times.


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