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Sunday, April 27, 2008

That Would Be Truck

Some embarrassing moments this week. Rhianwen has decided that she loves to say Truck. Except, she doesn't exactly pronounce it correctly. No, instead it comes out as that ancient 4 letter with the F. When she sees an 18 wheeler, it's "Big _____!" (you can fill in the blank). She apparently saw one while we were in Goodwill getting some cheap clothes for her babydoll, and pronounced this in no uncertain terms in her cute loud voice. SIGH. When we saw the Pediatrician for our well visit I had to share that story with him since we were talking about her budding vocabulary, and he said that his youngest daughter did the same thing and that she has yet to live it down in the family. So that made me a feel a little better :) She's still maintaining the 97th percentile in height and weight and is one healthy little oo who really hates the doctor (she even went rigid when we placed her on the baby scale and screamed like they were killing her), but at the end of the visit she did say "bye bye!" and "thank you!". She also got to see mommy go to the doctor this week, watched the ultrasound and watched mommy have her blood pressure checked and tummy measured. I thought it would help with her well visit if she saw the same things happening to me, but NO.

After the well visit and a Wile E. Coyote band aid, Rhianwen giving 5 to her babydoll.

A new favorite game for Rhianwen is "Catch" which is really chase, but since we always say, "I'm gonna catch you!", that's what she calls it. She loves to run around the house saying, "Catch! Catch" especially after bath time and before pj's. Fun times. She's been adding more songs to her repertoire too like "Happy birthday", "Ring around the Rosies", "The Wheels on the Bus", "ABC's". This video shows a little bit of what she can do, but she's better at it when she's not distracted.

She was thrilled to have Grandpa and Grandma Nanny Kim spend the night Saturday and to have them there Sunday morning. Usually when Rhianwen gets up in the morning, Daddy goes in to get her down from the bed, then she immediately finds mommy and urges mommy to rise and shine by saying, "Come, come!" (oh how soon these roles will be switched...I just remember my parents trying to get us out of bed and I determined then that I would never: turn the light on and sing "Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory"...probably I will be evil and go back on my promise to myself). Anyway, today, she remembered that Grandma Nanny Kim was here, and I was totally overlooked. Ah, the joy of lounging for a few minutes while I saw the retreating back of Rhianwen going to find "Gandma Nanny Kim".

All ready for church (incidentally, it was probably the only Sunday in CGS history that an Anglican happened to preach there...so my Episcopalian parents were still in their element even if we didn't have the benches and prayer books!).

Since we only went to the early service so my parents could get on the road, Wally, Rhi, and I enjoyed a picnic at Duke Gardens, saw a bunch of geese and ducks and catfish, and tried every bench to see if it would swing (by the end of the venture, Rhianwen had finally given up on the benches...oh the disillusionment). After a nap, she tried out the umbrella in our backyard.


  1. They woke you up with *that* song?! It's way too upbeat for waking up. :-)

    I'm glad your folks got to come to CGS and hear such an A+ guest preacher.

  2. ian, the former -uck driver, got a great laugh out of this one. :)

  3. I think that's how Phil's mom woke them up, too! He loved it as much as you did. :-)

    The truck stuff make me laugh out loud!

    Other favorite things ... her groovy dance to "Jesus Loves Me" ... that she was trying to swing on park benches ... and that last picture with the umbrella. I want to kiss her sweet, rosie cheeks.

  4. her hair looks so long in that first pic. I love the one with the umbrella, especially the eyes. Hey, sometimes you can't help but sing the Rise and Shine song

  5. Sometimes, I still pronounce truck that way, especially when one cuts me off on the highway.

    As to the rise and shine song... Um. Yes. You can help it. I haven't sung that song since... er... the last time I was forced to do so. That song is cruel and unusual punishment at any time before noon.

  6. Love the precious singing video!

    Ah, yes, the joy of being embarrased by your child in public. I love the truck story.


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