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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fun Times for All

We are back from sunny warm FL, and Rhianwen did fabulously at Grandpa and Grandma Nanny Kim's. She had much more fun there than she would have at the wedding (I think)...not because the wedding was boring but because it was busy and probably a little over Rhianwen's head! As I have said to many in the T fam, "only in the T fam would I expect to go to a landfill and a wedding on the same day." YES, I really did!

Getting back to Rhianwen, it didn't phase her one bit when mommy and daddy left. In fact, Rhianwen thought she was being taken with us and started crying b/c she didn't want to leave Grandma Nanny Kim and Grandpa. Thus, when she found out she was staying, well, mommy and daddy were forgotten.

Sidewalk chalk.

Visiting Great Grandma.

Surprised by a tree frog that jumped out of the watering can.

Before we dropped her off, much discussion revolved around what to do about where Rhianwen would be sleeping. We couldn't decide if we should try the pack n play (way too small for her now), a pallet/mattress on the floor, or a bed. We ended up deciding on the bed, brought her pillow, and waited to see what would happen. She did better than she has ever done before! She went right to sleep and never had a problem!

After a nappy nap.

Rhianwen got to celebrate Great Grandpa's birthday while she was there! The fam went out to a Mexican restaurant (a "real" one, where you had to order in Spanish), and is sounded like a lot of fun.

Celebrating Great Grandpa's birthday.

We enjoyed our time in FL. It actually was less tiring to me to do all the busy wedding stuff than to take care of Rhianwen! And we got to enjoy not worrying about any sort of schedule other than ours and the wedding's. NICE! Of course, I wasn't the one breaking apart a huge couch and desk so that it would fit in our VUE so that we could take it to the dump. I think it was a lot more tiring for Wally, although the other witnesses of the destruction process said they thought it looked quite therapeutic for Wally. (Salvation Army wouldn't take his brother's stuff...hence the landfill or else a disappointed newlywed couple returning to a bunch of unwanted odds/ends/furnishings on their front step). I do not have a picture of this, but I do have a picture of the couple!

I always love Wally in a tux. We also lament the fact that the only time we get to dance is at weddings. Neither of us dance well, and we'd love to learn to be better, but unless we pay for lessons, it's weddings and spontaneous dances around the kitchen or in the family room. The neighbors must think we are SO strange. (I mean, Wally is out digging in the garden right now...in the dark...at 9:50pm...makes me think of Rear Window).


  1. Yes--wally is strange--hmmm, he reminds me of Greatgrandpa who used to mow his lawn in the dark!! Digging in the garden at night--really eerie--perhaps your neighbors are gazing with binoculars , eh?

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! Brian came home from soccer a mess, so Wally will be happy that he missed the worst game. I planted some tomato seeds, so I am hoping they actually grow:) See you soon.

  3. It was so great to see you this weekend. Glad Rhianwen had such a great weekend too. Didn't know about the dump experience. More exciting stories in the life of the Tinsley family:) Glad to see the pics too. We took a little side trip to see Joshua on the way back to Murfreesboro with Helen and Jim. I left my camera in his car so he's having to mail it to me. I hate for all of my guys here to have to wait to see pics. Love you all.

  4. Oh my goodness, we call it a nappy nap too! Is that common? Phil's family always referred to naps by that name and I thought it was cute and joined in. :-)

    You and Wally look gorgeous. And I'm way impressed with Rhi ordering her food in Spanish.

  5. Nah, to be truly weird, Wally needs to go out and dig in the garden at midnight, wearing a tux and a top-hat while chuckling quietly to himself. That would be awesome.

    I got to see Rhianwen via webcam. It mostly consisted of her looking baffled and waving a lot.

  6. I had the computer out today and Kara wanted to "see Rhianwen". So we looked at your pictures and she got very excited as usual and said, "I like Rhianwen!" Just thought it was too cute, the online friendship =)

  7. Awe, what a sweet picture of Robeson and Natalie. I wish we could have made it to the wedding!

    I'm impressed that Rhianwen did so well away from you guys. Looks like she had a great time.

    I now have a terrible craving for some chimichangas. Thanks a lot.


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