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Sunday, January 11, 2009


Alden wearing the outfit that Rhianwen, daddy, and grandaddy were baptized in.

Alden was baptized today as a sign that he is a part of God's covenant family. We hope and pray that God is working in his heart to transform him into a follower of Christ. As a PCA minister, Grandaddy had the privilege of praying for all 3 kids who were baptized along with a specific prayer for Alden. Grandmama, Uncle Averett, Grandma Nanny Kim, Grandpa, Great Mama, and PaPa were all able to come too! What made today extra special was the fact that Alden shared his baptism with PaPa's 88th birthday! We are so blessed to have such a strong Christian heritage on both sides of our family and know that it is only because of Christ who can subdue our wayward hearts and grow Alden Wallace into his name: a wise protector and friend and a sojourner who looks to heaven as his final home.

If you feel like watching the video clip of it, here it is:

If you don't, then here is a picture:

Lots of water right on the head, but no huge reaction (as PaPa pointed out there were 3 baby boys baptized, and none of them uttered a peep when they got water all over their heads. Must be that they all have older siblings and are used to such things...desensitized I guess).

The family and Pastor Murray Garrot who baptized Alden.

PaPa opening a crazy musical card from Rhianwen and us.

Alden about zonked despite Great Mama's fun birthday thingamajig (what are those things called?).

A sweet Grandmama moment.

We have a REAL sitter now. Alden's all of a sudden been able to sit on his own without mommy hovering over him worrying that he'll crash into the floor face first. He's had lots of fun playing with his toys and having new viewpoints of different rooms. A new favorite toy is the Imagiblocks (the cardboard blocks that were a Christmas gift). He seems to love that he can pick up something so large, knock them over, hit them, and play with the same thing that Rhianwen is playing with. This isn't the only new skill he's obtained over the past week. He's also perfected rolling. He can turn over in the wink of an eye, and it's been causing some pretty winky nights...sleep has been interrupted quite a bit because of his squirmy antics. Changing him is a whole new world of wrestling. I seriously need to get a mobile to hang above his table, toys don't work b/c he just flips over with them. I end up just trying to speed change him. We've also begun solids in earnest, and boy can he inhale them! So far we've only done lots of pears and some sweet potatoes. I've been trying to stay mild since he's still under 6 months. Another thing that he loves is the new teething feeder that you can put whole pieces of fruit in without worrying about choking.

Enjoying a seat in the new company vehicle (a hip flashy minivan Eaton sign and all). We're excited that we get to use it for personal use meaning Mommy can go somewhere and Daddy can go somewhere and we can split kid duty at the same time!

The Ba-Ba in the title refers to Alden's leap in conversational baby blabber. It's been so fun to see him get really excited and start talking. This video shows a little bit of it along with Rhianwen "reading" her famous potty book (beware, this one's long too!).

Soaking in the sun before a wrestling match aka "scrumble".

Whew! I'm exhausted! I know this post is lots of pics and videos, but that's about all I can do!

Book of the Week: A Potty for Me (of course!).


  1. I peed in my pants! But mom says, "Darn it all, that's five times today! I'm so stinkin' sick of changing diapers! That's it! It's time to get a catheter."

  2. The video of Rhi reading the book is sooo cute! I'm so glad the baptism was so special and all the family was able to be there. Oh yeah...I'm definitely getting one of those teething feeders next time around. :)

  3. Alden is SO handsome. And Rhi looks so beautiful and old standing up on the podium watching him get baptized. Special day!

  4. My favorite picture is of Rhianwyn with Wallys' Mom. What bright and shining faces! All of the pictures are full of peace, hope and love. What a blessing

  5. Looks like it was a special day! Sorry we could not be there. Alden looks so cute in the baptism gown and we enjoyed watching Rhianwen do spins in the video. :)


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