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Friday, January 2, 2009

Way Too Much to Say, So I'll Say Very Little

Acting out the Christmas story..."real" baby Jesus and all...baby Jesus seems more interested in grabbing the horse than in staring lovingly into "Mary's" eyes.

A favorite gift from mommy and daddy.

A balance bike. Rhianwen's really pretty good at it!

Well, Christmas and New Year's has come and gone. Both kids are much better after their terrible bout of cold-bleckiness. It made Christmas kind of hard with Alden being so sick. I kept worrying about pneumonia and about his lack of appetite. I'm so thankful we didn't go to my parent's because Great Grandma DID get a cold followed by pneumonia. Thankfully she is doing much better but still on antibiotics. I'm just glad she didn't get it from us!!!

My parents came up to our house after Christmas, spent the day, and left Uncle Christopher who was flying out from Raleigh a couple of days later. Both kids had a BLAST with Uncle Christopher. I wish he lived closer...until I remember that he'd be my husband's accomplice and encourager in doing hair-brained things like damming up our creek so Rhi could try out the canoe my parents brought or like chopping down (yes, with and ax) a pine tree that was hindering the use of another tree for making a rudimentary swing set. I tried to tell Alden, that it wasn't necessarily a requirement to chop trees and dam things up if you are a man, but I don't think he believes me.

Canoeing in our creek.

Having fun with the Imagiblocks Grandmama and Grandaddy gave Alden and Rhianwen. Amazing what you can do with them!


They put the blocks across the hall by balancing them on the molding and using columns, then put a sheet over top for a little house. Rhianwen enjoyed having tea with Grandma Nanny Kim and Uncle Skipper.

"Tea or coffe?" Rhi prefers coffee and loves saying, "Sugar?" when she offers it to you.

Alden says, "Yeah, I'm cool wid dat."

Bathtime fun. We make bunny-rabbit ears too.

Mom's new boots...necessary in our soggy yard.

Enjoying tickle time during the Clemson v Nebraska Gator Bowl (great game but we lost).

Some funny Rhi conversations:

Wally (watching a football game): "He's dumb."
Rhianwen: "What's dumb doing?"

Rhi seeing a sticky bun: "I want some."
Mom: "That's a shocker."
Rhi: "I want a shocker."
Mom: "Oh, no I mean, that's a sticky bun."

Bouncy trouncy tigger says TTFN!

Thank you everyone for your sweet gifts! Truly, each one has been immensely enjoyed.

Book of the month: Heidi (yes the real version...I told you she's into epics.) We read a little every day and she talks about the goats and Peter and Heidi.


  1. I totally want to come play at your house!

  2. Ha ha ha.

    "What's dumb doing?" That's how my coworkers ask what I'm doing.

    I had a lot of fun. I love building with lincoln logs, damming ditches, and chopping trees.

  3. Well, the canoe ride looked so scary....... ;-)

    Your kids were lots fun!!

  4. Funny post. The conversations with Rhianwen made me laugh out loud.

    Sorry we missed getting to see you this Christmas. That was a bummer.


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