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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Grand Time with the Great Grands

Happy Birthday Grandmama! (This is a special Lego Cake we made. So delicious. The tall thing is the candle.)

Alden so wants to walk! You can see it in his eyes as he watches his sister walk or run out of the room. Daddy has been feeding his desire by holding Alden's hands and letting him walk or run or slide (depending on how quickly Alden decides to move his feet) down the hall. Rhianwen loves this and runs up and down the hall screeching and bumping into Alden like it's a game of tag. Alden gets very excited when this happens.

Here he is "chasing" after Rhianwen. The only glimpse of her you can see in this picture is of her hair in the bottom right corner.

Rhianwen has been enjoying her bike. We usually make her use her helmet although once Wally decided "it's not like she's going to be jumping ramps" and let her ride one time without it. Guess what she decided to do? She rode down the hill in the back yard and tried to ride up her slide! So much for no ramps. So, we've learned even now, helmets must be worn.

We FINALLY got to see my grandparents (the great grands) for the FIRST time since Alden was born. This was very exciting for all of us, but I think Great Grandma enjoyed it the most. There is something about babies and the oldest people in the family that just clicks. Alden is usually so wild that not even I can hold him for long, but when we placed him in Great Grandma's arms, he calmed right down and leaned against her like he was the most laid back baby in the world.

A kiss from Great Grandma.

Rhianwen read A Potty for Me for Great Grandma and Great Grandpa. At first she did it very quietly, but after their enthusiastic response she decided to re-read it for them much more loudly.

Great Grandpa said that Alden is different than Rhianwen was as a baby. Although they were both very alert as babies, Alden is less contemplative and more just wanting to be in the midst of whatever is going on and more excitable. I think he is right! We'll see how that pans out as he grows!

Crazy time before bed...not sure if it's a good practice or not, but they sure do have fun, and Grandpa enjoyed it too.

My parents suggested that we leave the kids with them while we went out on a dinner date. This was our first since Alden was born too! It was very enjoyable, and the nice thing about Conway is that our dinner was about 3 minutes away from their house, so we got to utilize all the time possible without spending much time in the car.

He does have his contemplative moments. You can almost see the wheels turning, "Let's see, I know I've seen Rhianwen play with these, how does it work? Hm."

Check out my new shoes. (They actually stay on unlike most things we try to put on his feet. I've discovered that double socking is the way to keep socks on, and we must have laces if we want shoes to stay on. I only got shoes so that when we go outside in the freezing cold, his feet will stay warm, but they are so cute.)

Story of the Week: Frosty the Snowman (at Grandma Nanny Kim's and Grandpa's that played a horrid flat off key rendition of the song when you pressed a button. Mommy thought about taking a knife to it.)


  1. I love the lego birthday cake. Rose and Jay have been building them here as well. I think Jay's birthday produced some ideas because we have been having lego cakes and presents ever since. :)I'm glad you guys finally got to see your grandparents!

  2. I am glad you didn't take a knife to it--I like it!

  3. hey eowyn, i just found your blog! i can't believe how big alden is getting!

  4. How wonderful that you finally got to introduce Alden to your grandparents. I'm sure that was a sweet time. :o)

  5. I'm totally blown away by how big Alden looks in that picture with the shoes! Sooo handsome. And sometimes you just have to have some crazy time before bed. :-)

  6. Love the birthday cake...how creative! Alden is getting soooo cute!


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