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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Life could not better be

We have a song we sing in the Tinsley house:

Life could not better be, better be, better be,
No, life could not better be,
Than when Rhianwen's here with me, ooo!

It goes to the tune that Danny Kaye sings in the opening credits of The Court Jester, one of the funniest movies ever..if you haven't seen it, either come to our house and watch it, or, if you are too far, rent it! Rhianwen loves the modified song along with the silly dance that ensues while it is sung.

The above picture is solely for the purpose of gratifying Grandma Nanny Kim who likes big pictures. As she said, "There's nothing in life like a naked baby." No, I guess not.

Another thing in the life of Rhianwen: she has decided that sitting is preferable to most any other position. Not only does she want to sit while playing and eating, but, today, it seemed that she wanted to sit for her bottle too. This presents a problem since the last part of the bottle requires a tipped back baby's head to get the milky into the mouth.


  1. Never heard of the movie, but have definite plans to rent it at your suggestion. Isn't it amazing how having a baby makes you want to sing everything?! I caught myself singing a song to Andrew recently while moisturizing ... I think it went something like "Lotion time for Mommy's ashy legs, ashy legs, ashy legs ..."

    Love the bath pict. There is certainly nothing more delightful than baby nakedness! And nice going with the modesty cloth! I took some pictures of Andrew getting his first bath without a modesty towel and Phil's brother was outraged by my blatant disregard for his privacy.

  2. well, well, well--it is about time. Hey, she is so funny about posing seriously with the camera--it is a riot!! Can't wait to see her tomorrow! She loves sitting because she can see much more of what is going on around her---she is just an alert little thing ;-).

  3. Eowyn and the rest of the fam,

    Averett and I have decided that grenades, bombs, etc. in the back yard would creep us out... in case you needed someone to weigh in on the issue. However, I should clarify that things that creep us out by no means implies we would avoid them... rather that's a large part of what makes such explosive toys so intriguing. I can't wait to see y'all and your new home (and maybe even go exploring in your backyard... grenades and spiders might actually make a good combination if you timed the grenade right).



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