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Thursday, March 22, 2007

What a Life

I just couldn't resist posting a new movie and pics.

Notice the bib: "More Like Mommy Everyday"

"Oo, too much rice cereal."

"A nice wet rag to wash it all down." Actually, more to clean her up but she loves it!

Just a swingin'


  1. hmm-I notice a new hat on that kiddo!! Couldn't tell if she was fully laughing on the nose/laugh video or if she might be in some shock!!;-) .She is just a expression filled bundle!!!! Hmm, maybe an Anne of Green Gables in the making. Love nannykim

  2. well---I did say there was nothing like a naked baby; but I must admit a fat little honey looking totally relaxed on a swing might just top the other! Love nannykim

  3. OK, even if I was next in line for having my legs sawed off, that video would have made me laugh. Adorable!!!!


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