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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Oh the shark has pretty teeth dear...

This is a short one just to say that yesterday I was sitting reading a story to Rhianwen while she was chewing on my hand. All of a sudden I noticed that something sharp was boring into my palm. I looked down at Rhianwen, turned her around, and pulled down her lower lip (much to her annoyance). There protruding from her lower gum was the tip of a pearly white! No wonder why she didn't want to nap on Saturday and why her nose was running today! My little babe is growing up (sniff sniff).

Tooth Day

Other fun things: Rhianwen has discovered that faces are fun to grab.


  1. Aw, weeanwen haves wittow teefs.

  2. Such a big girl! Andrew was fussy recently and I kept checking his gums over and over (especially since he's been loving chomping on his and my fingers for the last month or so). No teef sightings yet, but I guess they can sneak up on ya! Phil's mom told me that he didn't cut his first tooth until he was one! Actually, that would be just fine with me ... :-)

  3. Wow! Rhianwen is getting soooo big, and is still as cute as ever!!! We miss you guys so much!


  4. such a plumpkin--such a healthy looking goober.


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