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Friday, March 2, 2007

Shelob's Children

Ok, I never considered myself to be an arachnaphobiac, but after the past couple of days maybe I am. There are large dark brown spiders appearing on the floor in our house. My child happens to spend the better part (or should I say dangerous part) of her day on the floor. I spent all of Friday trying to identify, crush, and poison these creatures...no they are not brown recluses...only a slight comfort to me. They creep me out. When my loving husband came home for lunch I asked his opinion about the problem. No big deal, smoosh them and move on he suggested. I had been doing that all morning. It wasn't working. I asked him doesn't anything ever creep you out? After much comtemplation, he said, "Well maybe a spitting cobra or a rabid dog." To me that would be terrfying, not just creepy. I could see I needed some feminine empathy. I called his mom. She is good at empathizing.

We left our house Friday night and safely retreated to Conway for the weekend after I sprayed the entire house and garage.

Uncle Christopher is more creeped out by these dolls than by the spiders!

When we get back, Wally can go in the house first; perhaps there will be evidence of death and destruction wrought by the terrifying hand of me via the poison spray. I don't think I will take a death toll.


  1. Ok. Now, these are creepy critters. I say we take them back to Durham and use them as spider decoys!

  2. Oh my gosh, my skin almost fell off just looking at the picture. Move out immediately. I'm so totally impressed that you were able to smoosh them yourself, Eowyn! You're so much braver than I am.

    And I'm kinda with Uncle C. - the dolls also posess a high creep factor.

  3. how dare you call grandma nannykim's childhood dolls creepy---but seriously I have to admit they scare you if left on a bed ---you enter the room and these frozen babies with their staring eyes can make you jump.


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